David Banfield

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

David Banfield was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia on April 30th, 1979. After graduating from Auburn Drive High School in Cole Harbour, David started his BA at Saint Mary's University in Halifax. After a year and a half of University life, David decided to put a hold on his studies, moved to Toronto in the fall of '99, to give officiating a try.

David began his officiating career at the age of 13 in Cole Harbour and Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia. He went into it with an open mind and has never looked back. After attending his third Ron Fournier Referee School in the summer of '98, Doug Hayward offered David a job as a linesman for the QMJHL in Halifax that winter. The 'Q' was it in Halifax and David was ecstatic for the opportunity. After that one year, David wanted to give refereeing a shot. Upon relocating to Toronto that summer, he started to referee in the OHA. In December of '99 while in Toronto, he got in touch with USA Hockey Operations Director Scott Brand who subsequently flew him to Minnesota and gave him a shot at refereeing in the USHL. This opened up a whole new world for David, who in turn flew five more times that year and ended up working close to 40 games in the USHL. The following year 2000-2001, Scott Brand hired David and gave him a full time job refereeing in the USHL, AWHL and the MJHL living in Omaha, Nebraska. That year David worked the finals of the USHL Clark Cup Playoffs.

The following summer David got in touch with Leon Stickle from the Central Hockey League who offered him a full time job refereeing their league, living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. That year was David's first taste of pro hockey, and he worked the first round of the CHL Playoffs. From the Central League, he moved back to Canada in the summer of '02 and was selected for the NHL Prospects Camp. From there he was offered a job from Ted Baker with the Ontario Hockey League. David lived in Guelph, Ontario that year and was selected to work the 2003 CHL Top Prospects Game in Kitchener, Ontario. That was such a huge thrill and honor for David to work that game, a coast to coaster on Sportsnet!!

The following summer, Bryan Graham from the ECHL called David and offered him a full time job in the ECHL. David lived in Biloxi, Missippi that year, the following year in Duluth, Georgia and the following Reading, Pennsylvania. In the summer of '05, Jim Mill from the American Hockey League contacted David and offered him a few pre-season games. 2005-2006, David ended up working 53 regular season AHL games and 2 AHL playoff games. A huge accomplishment, on top of working 25 ECHL games. David moved back to Pennsylvania the following year '06-'07 working for the ECHL and AHL. He worked 83 AHL regular season games and 8 AHL playoff games, taking him to the second round of the Calder Cup Playoffs. He also worked 7 ECHL games and 1 ECHL playoff game. The summer of '07 has been the most memorable yet as David was offered a job with the National Hockey League as a Minor League Official!!

David would like to thank his parents Charlie and Roberta and his brother Ian for their love and support. He would like to thank his entire family and friends for being there and supporting him along the way. He would also like to thank Doug Hayward, Scott Brand, Bryan Graham, Rod Pasma, Ted Baker, Leon Stickle and Jim Mill who all entrusted David to work their respective leagues.

David is looking forward to the challenge of the AHL and hopefully one day he can fulfill his dream of officiating in the National Hockey League!!