• This annual event is generally held the second week in September, in Fort Erie Ontario. This is generally a week long event.
  • The first order of business is the medical review, if successful, then it's off to off ice fitness evaluations, these are mandatory, and every official must receive a passing grade to go on that season. The evaluation includes, cardio vascular V02 Max test - performed on a stationary bike to test for capacity to process oxygen in your body. As well a strength evaluation, which includes sit-ups, push-ups, and flexibility measurement. There is also a caliper test for percentage of body fat to mass ratio.
  • Many officials do not have access to skating facilities close to their geographic locale. Therefore the league provides a number of sessions throughout camp, culminating in a skating evaluation to ensure officials are skating at the level they should be.
  • The days are usually broken into morning skate, followed by meetings, another skating session, and, more meetings. These meetings are to brief officials on current news and issues regarding league business, rule changes, staffing, league policies, security issues, and computer / expense training for the upcoming season.
  • The N.H.L.O.A. hold their annual meetings and elections for executive council within this week as well. There is an agenda which is specific to league officials and helps the team manage through the year. The official's association also recognizes milestones in official's careers and special awards are presented.
  • The N.H.L. wraps up the week with a dinner and social to recognize officials who have achieved the leagues significant anniversaries, i.e. 10 years, 15 years, as well as first N.H.L. playoff game by an official.
  • The officials leave camp and head to their first assignments for the season.


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